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This punk rock band has taken their passion for music and human rights/social issues to write powerful music. They’ve released their album We Met In The Womb with hope that their music can help people and bring people together.

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June 5th, 1998, Random Ideas was born. Three triplet sisters who all had an instinctual desire to be musicians from an early an age as they can remember. The video game rock band held them over until they each saved up a enough moola to get their desired instrument. By the age of twelve, they got together in their shared bedroom and now practice space to start making music.​​

Random Ideas

​​​At one show, a man scoffed at them while they set up, then dropped his                        jaw when they began to                                            rock out.

Kinsey, Lexi and Meagan have taken their music to any place they can find. On the street, on stage, in garages, farms, on moving flatbed trucks, and more.  They’ve gone on to play                                                 Pride Portland Festival, Port City                                              Music Hall, Punk Island in NY,                                                  Maine Civil Rights Conference at                                              the Augusta Civic Center, Badass                                            Women Who Rock concert series,                                            won MAMM SLAM, played on 207,                                            a program that highlights                                                          musicians in Maine, and got third                                              in Maine’s Got Talent. They have                                              also been featured in Down East                                              Magazine, and recently Portland                                                Press Herald. Along with so                                                        much more.

"When some people hear about a band made up of triple sisters they might write it off as a gimmick but trust us; don’t make that mistake with Random Ideas."

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Random Ideas is Meagan Johnson on drums, Kinsey Johnson on guitar and back up vocals, and Lexi Johnson on bass and vocals.

They are  known for their high energy and punk rock sound that has been Influenced by a range of other artists including, Joan Jett, Alicia Keys, Green Day, The Distillers, and so many more awesome artists.