Sun Tiki Studios

 Abertooth Lincoln, As Friends, Osmia, Random Ideas
​portland. me
​21+   $8    8pm
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Live @ 212

Random Ideas

We are a 20-year-old triplet girl punk rock/alternative band from China, Maine. Meagan Johnson on drums, Lexi Johnson on bass/vocals, and Kinsey Johnson on guitar/vocals. We want to change the world for the better with our music. Punk Rock can change the world!

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Geno's Rock Club

Civil Rights Conference





Fucko, Tact, August West Band, Random Ideas
​Portland, ME

8PM    all ages   $5

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Go check out our bandcamp, where you can listen/buy our music and merch!

Augusta Civic Center​

Augusta, ME

Cry On Messiah, Random Ideas, Losing Ego, Classy On Occassion, An Overnight Low
​8PM     Free     21+
Westbrook, Maine

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